Regular ventilation improves hygiene and improves air quality, as the number of pathogens in the room air can increase in closed rooms. Ventilating the air reduces the number of pathogen-containing, finest droplets that may be in the air.

Therefore, we ask our customers to ventilate the room beforehand when using mobile treatment. The therapist wears an unused mouth and nose protection upon arrival at the customer.

If the therapist treats in her own practice, she ensures adequate ventilation. The client must also wear a mouth and nose cover upon arrival. No gestures of politeness (handshakes, hugs, etc.) are used in the greeting. Attention should be drawn to compliance with personal and organizational hygiene rules (distance requirement, "cough and sneeze label", hand hygiene, PPE). The client is asked to shower before the massage.

Before the treatment, the massage table is surface disinfected and the therapist then disinfects her hands again. The therapist only uses fresh sheets and towels for the massage. All utensils that the therapist uses with other clients (oils, bowls, etc.) are only touched by her.

At the full-body massage, which also includes touching the client's palms, she is asked to disinfect her hands with disinfectant, which she receives from the therapist, before use.