About me: I am a registered naturopath since 1991 and have practiced as a homeopath (since 87) since 1997 in my own practice. Since 1999 I am working as an individual case intervener. Since 2004 I offer a combination of these skills to people who suffer emotionally and wish for a homoepathic support.

Besides the various kinds of massage, you can request for my consultation at "Sternmassagen": Homeopathy, consultation for drug addicts, informations for my individual case intervenance, consultation in transit advisory.

Massage offers: Through my three years of naturopath-education I have gained knowledge about various kinds of massage: Shiatsu, foot-reflexology, metamorphic method and others. At the same time I have completed a 2 year course in Aura-healing at Jette Lynstadt's.

Through the combination of energetic and physical knowledge I developed my personal way of healing massage called TERN. This special method is my standard massage. It restores the CHI-flow by releasing blockages in typical points in the back. The knowledge of Chakras and Shiatsu-points leads to a deep process of healing.

Homepage:      www.ruth-luschnat.de
Personal appointments can be made under 0176 670 343 08